Rocky Horror Then and Now

Sometimes it is hard to believe it has been nearly 40 years since the Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered and nearly faded into obscurity if not for one theater starting a tradition that still goes strong today. Fishnets and Floorshows is obviously a huge fan of the movie and its actors, but the question always comes up- where are they now?

Of course Tim Curry, Susan Sarrandon and Barry Bostwick have remained in the public eye- continuing to appear regularly on TV and in movies. What of the rest however? Let’s take a look at the living cast members and see what they are up to now…

Tim Curry- Age 68

Tim Curry Then and Now

That sweet transvestite, the boss, Frankenfurter was the film debut of Tim Curry- who was reprising his role from the original musical. Since then you may have seen him in Clue, IT, Home Alone 2 or on USA’s Psych. He primarily sticks to voice work these days including voicing Nigel Thornberry on the Wild Thornberrys.

Susan Sarrandon- Age 68


That sweet and innocent (not for long) little flower, Janet Weiss, was played by young actress Susan Sarrandon in one of her earliest film roles. Not only were she and Barry Bostwick the only American actors, they were the only ones who hadn’t been in the stage play. Since then Susan has appeared in ‘Thelma and Louise,’ ‘The Client,’ and ‘Dead Man Walking.’ She most recently starred in ‘Cloud Atlas,’ ‘Snitch,’ and ‘The Big Wedding,’ and will star alongside her daughter and fellow actress Eva Amurri Martino in an upcoming television series.

Barry Bostwick- Age 69


Barry Bostwick is still looking great, long after his turn as Brad Majors (A$$hole). Fun fact, Steve Martin actually auditioned for the part of Brad Majors. Somehow, it seems weird to think of anyone but Barry as Brad. Barry starred as the mayor in ‘Spin City,’ and has appeared on ‘Scrubs,’ ‘Cougar Town,’ and voices Grandpa Clyde Flynn on ‘Phineas and Ferb.’ His other film credits include ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie.’

Richard O’Brien- Age 72


Richard O’Brien not only starred as Riff Raff, he actually wrote the script and the musical it is adapted from. Richard still has great love for the show and regularly meets with fans at conventions and encourages us trannies to keep it up. He continues the tradition by putting on revivals of the original stage play with new casts, helping to keep Rocky Horror alive. He appeared in the follow-up “Shock Treatment” as well as twoof my favorite movies “Dark City” and “Flash Gordon.”

Patricia Quinn- Age 70


Magenta, quite possibly the worst maid ever, was played by Patricia Quinn reprising her stage role. She also appeared as the lips that sing Science Fiction Double Feature at the start of the movie (sung by Richard O’Brien.) Quinn also starred in O’Brien’s ‘Shock Treatment,’ and has since appeared in ‘I, Claudius,’ ‘Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life,’ and more recently in Rob Zombie’s horror film ‘The Lords of Salem.’ She often makes guest appearances at live ‘Rocky Horror’ performances around the country.

Nell Campbell- Age 61


The youngest member of the cast, Nell Campbell, played Columbia (A Groupie). Nell was able to turn her role into a singing career and put out several albums after the films release. You may have caught her in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” as…you guess it, a groupie. Nell is now retired from Acting, but still active in the Rocky Horror community.

Meat Loaf- Age 66


The vocal powerhouse Meat Loaf was the fast singing Eddie, a bad boy with a soft spot for Columbia.  Meat Loaf surprised everyone when he showed he was able to sing the lyrics to “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?”, and managing to actually squeeze them all in. Something even Richard O’Brien had trouble with. He also surprised everyone when he revealed he had no clue how to ride a motorcycle and a stunt double had to be called in for that scene.

Peter Hinwood- Age 68


Enjoy the picture, because the former mute with the body of a greek god avoids the limelight these days. Not only does Peter not participate in the Rocky Horror community, he prefers to stay out of sight altogether. He is now an antiques dealer in England and is very rarely photographed. To be fair, he did pretty much show us everything he had already…