Halloween Celebration October 20th and 27th

It’s Halloween, internationally accepted as the official holiday of Rocky Horror…or something like that. Regardless- when most people think of Rocky Horror, they think of Halloween; and we are happy to oblige.

Every year at Halloween, we go all out- costume contests, prizes and themed shows- and we do special virgin sacrifices that you will only see at Halloween time.

The first of the two Halloween shows, which is always our “normal” show- has no theme for the cast as we go traditional, but we invite you to get into the spirit early.

For the second show on the 27th, this is the big one, our official Halloween show and party for the year. The cast will be in costume and we want you to be too! Come out and be part of the tradition that is Halloween and Rocky!

Tickets are $8 and prop bags are available for $3 and credit cards ARE accepted.

Ticket Info

Screenland Crossroads

1656 Washington
Kansas City, MO. 64108

Tickets on sale now!

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