What’s a shadowcast?

We answer this on the About Us page, but basically; we show the movie on the screen behind us as well re-enact the movie in front. We sing and act along with the movie- improvising whenever the mood takes us.

A shorter answer is probably, “people who have seen Rocky Horror way too many times.”

Am I a virgin?

You will hear the term virgin a lot with Rocky. Being a virgin means, you’ve never seen the movie in a theater with a crowd. Watching at home on video or dvd doesn’t count, that’s just masturbation.

Every cast “sacrifices” the virgins at each screening. It’s just our way of initiating you to the club. We promise it’s not that bad.

I’ve heard about props…

As well you should, props are very important to Rocky and have been a part of the show since the beginning. Audience Participation is a big deal and means more than just yelling lines. Props and traditions change from cast to cast, and depend on rules and experience. For instance, during Janet’s song “There’s a light” it’s raining so the audience shoots water guns into the air, or can put newspaper over their head to stay dry (like Janet).

There are many, and we don’t expect you to know them all. To make it easy we sell prop bags before the show that contains everything you need for the show for only $3.

You can bring your own but please know that we will ask you to take anything that breaks the rules back to the car. (i.e. large water guns, buttered toast, toilet paper, hotdogs, toasters- yes it’s happened).

Should I dress up?

Absolutely, you wear whatever makes you happy. As long as you aren’t breaking the law and getting us shut down or kicked out of our theater, you be you.

Go wild, live out a fantasy, or just come in your favorite costume- not to mention dressing as a character in the movie.

We also give you plenty of excuses for dress up with themed shows throughout the year.

It’s actually more weird if you DON’T dress up. (Okay, it’s not weird but we love you more if you dress up for us.)

What props and items are not allowed?

  • large waterguns
  • toilet paper
  • open flame
  • toasters (saw one go through a screen once..)
  • rice
  • confetti
  • buttered toast
  • hotdogs

Is the theater safe?

Very safe. Our theater is a haven, a place to be you- no one will harass you here.

As a partner/supporter of Safewalk KC, we do not tolerate victim blaming. If you ever feel you are being harassed or uncomfortable, find a cast member immediately. We have people that are more than capable of handling any situation.

We are also happy to walk you to your car if you request.

Does the theater serve food/drinks?

The Alamo is a fully stocked theater with drinks (soft and alcoholic), snacks and full dinners! We recommend coming early to take advantage of the video games and the bar!

So that means, no outside drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) will be permitted.

When are the shows?

We are still figuring out what our regular monthly schedule will be. Stay tuned!

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Any member of the cast will be happy to help you with most anything that comes up. In any situation where you need someone in charge you can talk to the director, Doug. Or you can find any of the assistant directors; Rhiannon, Casey or Ashley.