Cast and Crew Call

Hey guys, once again we put out the call. We are reaching the end of our 4th season, and at the same time, our busiest part of the year.

We’ve had a few shifts happen over the last few months, with Jake taking some time off for his work and Boswell taking leave to focus on a new chapter on his life as well. So we’ve moved up a couple of our alternates to full cast roles.

Which means, we are running short on alternates now.

So if you have ever wanted to be part of a Rocky cast, or were in the past- now is your chance! We are looking for alternates as well as crew for the cast.

Crew help us out by running spotlight, taking tickets, loading and unloading props and set pieces, and keeping things running smoothly.

Alternates will help us out by being ready to step in to different roles as needed, and needs to be available and easy to reach.

What do you get out of it? You get a whole new group of friends that are awesome people and get in to the show for free.

We are a close-knit cast who have spent several years together now, we love having new people join but we are very protective of our dynamic, so if you have the diva about you- or you are a dick. Or you have a drinking or drug problem- you problem won’t work out.

If you are interested come talk to Doug at any show, or via email at