10 Facts You Might Not Know about Rocky Horror

1. You can actually stay at Frank’s castle


Rocky Horror was actually filmed at the Oakley Court in Windsor, England. Built in 1859, it is now a luxury hotel of the highest order and you can book your UK stay there! Not only was the Oakley Court the setting for RHPS, it was also used in several Hammer horror films including: The Brides of Dracula, The Reptile, and The Plague of the Zombies.

2. The Time Warp was just filler


The Time Warp, that song that EVERYBODY knows from Rocky wasn’t even in the original script for the stage play. It was actually added later to help take up time.

3. Most of the movie cast was in the stage play


Often when something is adapted for the big screen from a play or tv show, you can be pretty certain that the original cast is going to be relegated to cameos at best. However, the movie version of Rocky actually boasts most of the original stage play cast including Richard O’Brien (Riff-Raff), Nell Campbell (Columbia), Tim Curry (Frank-N-Furter), Patricia Quinn (Magenta), Meat Loaf (Eddie) and Jonathan Adams (Dr. Scott).

4. Steve Martin was up for the role of Brad Majors


Saturday Night Live’s original “wild and crazy guy” actually auditioned for the role of Brad Majors for the movie. No big scandals here, Steve was a young actor and not the major star he is today. The studio passed on Martin and instead opted for our favorite a##hole, Barry Bostwick who was actually a Tony award winner for his role as Danny Zuko in Grease in 1972..

5. Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn actually had 3 parts in the film


Of course you know them as Riff Raff and Magenta, but you can also spot the duo in the wedding scene that opens the film as workers in the church. However they also split the part of the lips during the opening song “Science Fiction Double Feature”. Quinn supplied the lips while O’Brien did the singing. This was actually a sore point as Patricia had sang the song in the stage play and nearly walked when she found out Richard would be singing it in the movie. She might have done it too, if not for getting lip sync the song in the credits.

6. The skeleton in the clock was real


Someone else might deserve a credit in the film, since the skeleton in the clock at the beginning of the Time Warp was reportedly real. It’s really not surprising since real skeletons (often from India, oddly enough) are generally much cheaper than reproductions. You can also see an example of this in Poltergeist when all the skeletons pop up in the pool.

7. Peter Hinwood didn’t sing in the movie, and neither did David Bowie


Personally, I don’t know how anyone thought it was David Bowie slinging the lyrics as Rocky. However that rumor is absolutely false. However, Peter Hinwood wasn’t singing his part either. Hinwood, an underwear model, had zero experience in acting or singing. This lead to the singing in the film being dubbed in by UK singer Trevor White.

Admittedly, the Thin White Duke as Rocky would have been pretty awesome. If only he weren’t so skinny.

8. Mick Jagger as Frank?


Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger apparently was a big fan of the stage production and rather than beat around the bush, flat out asked the studio to play the mad Transylvanian. Thankfully for Tim Curry fans, the studio was already sold on the man that originated the role on stage.

9. Almost no one knew what was hiding under that table cloth


Remember that scene in Alien when John Hurt had the worst case of indigestion ever? The cast and most of the crew had no idea what was going to be coming out. This lead to some very real and terrified reactions when the alien made its reveal. A similar thing happened a few years earlier in Rocky. Everyone knew that Frank would be ripping up the table cloth. However, only Curry and O’Brien knew what was under the table cloth. Again, leading to some very shocked reactions. Wonder if Ridley Scott got the idea from Rocky…

10. The origin of the “call back”

Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Showing, Englert Theatre, Iowa City, October 27, 2012 (Justin Torner/Freelance)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Showing, Englert Theatre, Iowa City, October 27, 2012 (Justin Torner/Freelance)

According to Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club president Sal Piro, Louis Farese, a Staten Island kindergarten teacher, was the first to create audience callbacks, where fans shout jokes back to the screen during the movie.

Thank you Mr. Farese. Without you, who knows where Rocky Horror might be today.